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REED R7900

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Buy this REED R7900 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter packed with advanced thickness measurement features. REED R7900 was designed to make accurate measurements without requiring access to both sides of the test piece.

Accredited calibration/NIST traceable calibration certificate for REED R7900 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge might be available on request (for an extra charge). Please contact us for more info.

REED Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge: instrument description

REED R7900 is an accurate digital thickness gauge ideal suited for a wide range of ultrasonic thickness measurements of materials including; metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, glass and other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials.

REED R7900 - Product video presentation

REED R7900 thickness meter is best equipped ultrasonic thickness gage for its price and can be used take accurate measurements in a range of 0.65 to 400.0mm (0.03 to 15.7"). Its accuracy, which is ±0.04mm (< 10mm) recommends this new handheld REED Thickness Meter for non-destructive applications and precise ultrasonic thickness measurements with single element transducer.

REED R7900 Features

  • Able to gauge thickness measurement without requiring access to both sides of the test piece
  • Determines sample thickness by measuring the amount of time it takes for sound to traverse from the transducer through the material to the back end of a part and back
  • Calculates the data based on the speed of the sound through the tested sample
  • Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass, and other ultrasonic conductive materials
  • Zero function and sound velocity calibration
  • Two-point calibration
  • 128 x 64 LCD with LED backlight displays metric and Imperial units of measure, user selectable
  • Coupling status indicator
  • Good accuracy (0.1mm and less) can be achieved using standard timing techniques
  • Can be easily deployed, does not require laboratory conditions
  • Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life

REED R7900 Specifications

  • Measurement Range: 0.65 to 400.0mm (0.03 to 15.7")
  • Sound Velocity Range: 1000 to 9999 m/s (0.039 to 0.394 in/µs)
  • Display Resolution: High: 0.01mm or 0.1mm (< 100.0mm); Low: 0.1mm (> 99.99mm)
  • Accuracy: ±0.04mm (< 10mm); ±(0.1% thickness + 0.04mm) (< 100mm); ±(0.3% thickness) (> 100mm)
  • Measurement Speed: 4 per second for a single point measurement
  • Memory: 5 files, up to 100 values for each file (total of 500 logs)
  • Communication: RS-232 serial port (optional)
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Measurement Range: 1.2 to 300.0mm (steel)
  • Frequency: 5MHz
  • Minimum Area: Ø20mm × 3.0mm (Ø0.8" × 0.12")

Please note: As any other of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, the REED TM-8811 requires Ultrasonic Couplant Gel in order to work properly.

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As a canadian distributor of REED Instruments products we stock most of these Thickness Gauges for same day shipping. To enquire on the REED R7900 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge availability and current list price please contact us.


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