Measurement Instruments in Schools

When looking for potential customers for the REED product line, we often forget the schools and their students. Yet this market can be lucrative in the short term but especially long-term, because once these graduate students and start working they will need instruments for them or the company they start working with.


The biggest users are Universities, followed by Colleges, but even at the secondary level there are needs, either through professional training whether in electronic, mechanical, avionics, metallurgy, and even in the standard science classes.

Why is REED the right choice for these institutions? It's easy, a complete line of measuring instruments, a comprehensive service centre and excellent product warranty. In addition, our products are very competitive and affordable enabling the students to have quality instruments at lower costs.

For Universities and Colleges where laboratories are more numerous and evolved, the SD series with its ability to log/record data on a SD card is quite conducive to these markets and deserves to be known.

So enjoy our fall promotions and get to know these potential customers/markets.

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We calibrate test and measuring equipment for companies across Canada to ISO 17025 standard, traceable and provide accredited calibration service for almost all test and measurement instruments. As an ISO 17025 accredited Company located in Brampton (Greatest Toronto Area) we offer highest quality In-Lab or On-Site Accredited Calibration Services.

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In our Type II Laboratory accredited to ISO:17025 by A2LA we provide clients with calibration of various instruments using manufacturer's specification and ISO standards as reference. Located in Brampton, Mississauga Toronto area, our metrology lab offers calibration services for measuring instruments. 

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