Generally speaking, a handheld tachometer, specifically called photo tachometer or stroboscope measures the speed of a rotating arbor and display the results in revolutions per minute.

We provide Reed digital tachometers in Canada, especially in Toronto Great Area. These portable tachometers are easy to read instruments that offers fast and accurate measurements at high resolution of the following: rotational speed, frequency, surface speed. The wide measurement range and high resolution are just some of the characteristics of these measuring instruments.

REED Tachometers in Canada

R7050 REED

Laser Tachometer & Counter

Reed R7050 (was At-6) Handheld tachometers which provide fast and accurate non-contact RPM and surface speed measurements of rotating objects. With a...
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R7150 REED

Laser Photo tachometer

Reed R7150 represents the latest in laser photo-contact tachometer technology and offer powerful features for both photo tach.(RPM) and contact tach....
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K4010 REED

Hand Held Tachometer

Reed K4010 Hand Held Tachometer with combined Photo Tachometer (RPM) & Contact Tachometer (RPM,m/min., ft/min.), offers wide measuring range from 0.5 to...
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K4020 REED

Portable Stroboscope

Reed K4020 has a stroboscopic flash rate of 100 to 10000 flashes per minute (FPM) and it's able to direct reading of RPMs. Inspecting and measuring the...
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K4030 REED

10 to 10,500 rpm Flash Range Stroboscope with 6500°K Xenon white lamp

Freeze the motion and measure the speed of a rotating object without contact in a matter of seconds. Easy to use stroboscopes that enable the motion of...
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R7100 REED

99,999RPM/19,999 RPM Photo/Contact Tachometer

This handheld rpm measurement tool, model R7100 (was ST-6236B), works as a great combination of photo (RPM) and contact portable tachometer (RPM, m/min)...
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