We has expanded our Reed catalogue of products with some special gauges, suitable for different uses and available on stock, ready to sell from our warehouse conveniently located close to Toronto, at affordable prices. If you require a specific instrument please feel free to ask our sales department.

REED Special Gauges in Canada


Video Inspection Camera (pistol grip design)

Reed BS-150 (TV compatible) comes with a handheld and comfortable pistol grip design. The inspection camera also features a high visibility 3.2” colour...
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Electromagnetic Field Tester (Discontinued)

Reed EMF-822A Electromagnetic Tester measures electromagnetic radiation levels from video terminals, fans, faulty wiring, power lines and other equipment....
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Digital "A" Scale Durometer

We've got the reliable solution to measure the hardness of rubber, plastic and most nonmetallic materials. With this Reed HT-6510A Digital Durometer you...
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R9030 REED

Portable rebound hardness tester

This Reed Hardness Tester is a single and compact unit that incorporates microprocessor and data display with a universal D impact feature device.
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R8008 REED

Multi-Function Digital Radiation Scanner

This Reed radiation scanner measures Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X rays and features a Wireless Bluetooth Transmission port. With this, Reed R8008 will...
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R8100 REED

Video Inspection Camera (Discontinued)

This REED R8100 visual inspection scope can be used where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means and is mostly used in non destructive...
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REED Stopwatch

Buy this Reed SW600 stopwatch from us and start measuring time interval between two competitors right away. Accredited calibration is also available on...
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R9000 REED

Pipe Inspection Camera System

With this Reed R9000 video inspection system, Reed provides a both cost-effective and same time non-destructive solution of pipe inspection available for...
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