Reed instruments for : infrared images

Reed R2050 Thermal IR camera can read temperature differences far away from the objects that strongly radiate a higher temperature. The Thermal Imager Reporter Software allows audio annotations and commentary (video recording with voice annotations ) to be reviewed on a PC. Comes with automatic hot and cold spot indicators, automatic level and span functions and four color palettes including a customized version.

Meet the next generation of thermographic camera and start clearly reveal the energy loss or overheating of the mechanical and electrical equipment. The R2100 is a truly versatile thermal imaging camera, a revolution in high thermal and isothermal measurement analysis.

Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with a great 50:1 optical resolution able provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. A built-in camera takes still images and video which can easily saved on R2020's memory or SD Card.

Instrument Calibration Services

We calibrate test and measuring equipment for companies across Canada to ISO 17025 standard, traceable and provide accredited calibration service for almost all test and measurement instruments. As an ISO 17025 accredited Company located in Brampton (Greatest Toronto Area) we offer highest quality In-Lab or On-Site Accredited Calibration Services.

Calibration lab for Measurement Instruments

In our Type II Laboratory accredited to ISO:17025 by A2LA we provide clients with calibration of various instruments using manufacturer's specification and ISO standards as reference. Located in Brampton, Mississauga Toronto area, our metrology lab offers calibration services for measuring instruments. 

Service and Repair information

We are ready to repair your measurement tool providing a great turn around time. We service quickly and efficiently at affordable prices almost any measurement instrument brand or model. We repair Torque Testers, Force Gauges, Micrometers, Test Stands, Calipers, Optical Projectors, Torque Wrenches, Digital Readout Systems, Height Gauges, Multimeters, Dial Indicators, Pressure Gauges and more...