Reed instruments for : dew point

Avoid the emergency situations and carry less equipment with this Reed SD-2010 Heat Stress Meter. Buy this datalogger for quick and accurate environmental heat stress measurements. Data Transfer from SD card to Computer (EXCEL Software) was included. No extra software needed, just plug the SD card into the computer and it downloads directly to EXCEL.

Buy this Reed thermohygrometer datalogger from us! R6030 (was ST-172)records up to 32700 ambient temperature and relative humidity readings that can be downloaded directly to a PC via USB cable supplied.

With this R6020 (ST-171) Datalogger you can measure and record both ambient temperature and relative humidity. No wires are needed. Just plug the USB Data Logger into PC and start downloading the measurements on your computer using its analysis software (included). Buy this instrument today at affordable price.

Buy this SD-3007 thermo-hygrometer Datalogger able to made dew point and Wet bulb humidity measurements with Fast humidity measuring response time. No extra software needed.

Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with a great 50:1 optical resolution able provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. A built-in camera takes still images and video which can easily saved on R2020's memory or SD Card.

Buy this temperature humidity gauge from us. This Reed 8706 humidity tester measures humidity, wet bulb, dew point, air temperature plus external probe temperatures (requires 87P6 probe). Reed 8706 is the ideal portable psychrometer for anyone who needs a cheap and qualitative instrument for humidity tests and also air temperature measurements, which provides fast response and accurate readings.

Instrument Calibration Services

We calibrate test and measuring equipment for companies across Canada to ISO 17025 standard, traceable and provide accredited calibration service for almost all test and measurement instruments. As an ISO 17025 accredited Company located in Brampton (Greatest Toronto Area) we offer highest quality In-Lab or On-Site Accredited Calibration Services.

Calibration lab for Measurement Instruments

In our Type II Laboratory accredited to ISO:17025 by A2LA we provide clients with calibration of various instruments using manufacturer's specification and ISO standards as reference. Located in Brampton, Mississauga Toronto area, our metrology lab offers calibration services for measuring instruments. 

Service and Repair information

We are ready to repair your measurement tool providing a great turn around time. We service quickly and efficiently at affordable prices almost any measurement instrument brand or model. We repair Torque Testers, Force Gauges, Micrometers, Test Stands, Calipers, Optical Projectors, Torque Wrenches, Digital Readout Systems, Height Gauges, Multimeters, Dial Indicators, Pressure Gauges and more...