We sell a wide range of Reed pH meters to test and measure easy to use instruments ideal for measuring a liquid’s acidity and alkalinity in wide variety of industries, ranging from water and wastewatter treatment, agriculture, chemical sciences, environmental monitoring or other industrial applications.

Besides ion-selective measurements our versatile handheld Ph meters enables you to make ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) and also precise mV measurements. Specifically, Reed SD-230 comes with the data record function which records the maximum and minimum readings and Reed SD-4307 Salt/TDS/Conductivity Datalogger with real time SD memory card, measure conductivity, TDS (Total dissolved solids), and salt.

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REED PH Meters in Canada


pH and ORP Meter (data logger)

Reed SD-230 pH meters are designed to accept any pH electrode with a BNC connector and are commonly used for measure pH and ORP levels in water.
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8689 REED

Digital PH Pen

This 8689 Digital PH Pen is one of the most popular types of PH Meters manufactured by Reed that offer an adequate pH Range: from 0.00 to 14.00 pH. Comes...
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8690 REED

pH Pen Dual Display (with ATC)

Buy this Reed 8690 Pen type digital pH meter with dual display of temperature and pH from us, ready for sale from our warehouse located in Toronto area....
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Pen type digital pH meter

Looking for a way to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a water solution? Reed PH-222 Pen type digital pH meter is a convenient pH Meter manufactured...
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