Spend less with our Reed Handheld Multimeters, precise and accurate testers especially designed for the conditions you work in.

These digital handheld multimeters manufactured by Reed will exceed your expectations with last hour features and performance to detect and measure voltage, current or resistance.

REED Handheld Multimeters in Canada


Handheld Digital Multimeters

Precise and accurate ST-118 Reed handheld digital multimeter, this Reed ST-118 can measure AC/DC voltage and current and resistance. Features such...
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R5008 REED

Data Holder Multimeter

These R5008 (was ST-922) Data Holder Multimeters are directly compatible with EN61010-1, Cat. III 600V standard to permit functions such as Automatic...
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Electrical Tester (Discontinued)

Spend less with this Electrical Tester by Reed. Automatically selects AC voltage, DC voltage or continuity as well as Non-contact AC voltage detection and...
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R5010 REED

True RMS Measuring Instrument

High quality Reed R5010 (was ST-9919) True RMS Reed multimeters with 1000V input protection on all ranges, including great features with wide variety of...
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200A/2000A AC/DC Current Adapter for multimeters

This clamp adapter works with any multimeter. Based on the original design of any clamp meter has, this great tool will transform your digital multimeter...
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R5005 REED

1000V True RMS Industrial Multimeter (datalogger)

This pocket digital multimeters model R5005 exceed your expectations by delivering powerful features and offering great accuracy that meet your...
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R5006 REED

600V AC/DC Digital Multimeter

Buy this Reed digital multimeter and start measuring AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, capacitance and duty cycle.
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R5007 REED

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter enables measurements of parameters such as current, voltage and resistance to be made very quickly, easily and accurately. The addition...
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