We offer a complete collection of lux meters with data loggers, inexpensive light meters manufactured by Reed, carefully selected to meet your highest expectations.

If you require a specifically luminance meter to measure the intensity of light in a particular environment, please feel free to ask our sales department.

REED Lux Meters in Canada


One-hand Operation Lux Meter

This Reed Illuminometer with lightweight and small size case design reads from 0 to 2200 lux (resolution of 1 Lux) or 1800 to 20000 lux ( resolution of 10...
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SD-1128 REED

Light Intensity Meter

SD-1128 Reed Light Intensity Meter with temperature and datalogger function measures the light in Lux and Ft-cd and Air temperature in °C or °F. Precision...
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R8150 REED

Precision Lux Meter

Reed R8150 (was ST-1301) Light meter with it simple design is able to do light measurements with precisely 1.5 times/seconds rate in terms of lux or...
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Portable Light Meter

These LX-105 Reed Instruments are commonly used to measure the amount of light and come with features that anticipate your needs. LX-105 reads both lux...
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R8120 REED

Light Level Meters

This professional R8120 Reed light meter exceeds your expectations with appreciably features and performance for high accuracy light measurements. Reed...
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LX-1102 REED

Digital Lux Meters

This Reed LX-1102 handheld Digital Lux Meters help you work easier and enabling light measurements up to 400000 Lux. Separate Light Sensor allows user to...
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