The digital laser thermometers, sometimes called laser temperature guns or non-contact thermometers, are great instruments for checking temperature where the probe type sensors cannot be used. Specifically, these infrared thermometers offers quick measurements in different types of environments and can help you to track extreme temperature ranges in hazardous industrial environments or home applications.

Our wide variety of laser thermometers manufactured by Reed are ready for shipment from our warehouse located in Toronto Area, Canada.

REED Laser Thermometers in Canada

R2001 REED

Non-contact IR Thermometer

These R2001 IR thermometers are the ideal non-contact IR instruments for any need safely temperature measurements of objects in hard-to-reach places...
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R2002 REED

Laser Thermometer (-50 to 550°C)

These Reed R2002 Laser Thermometers are commonly used in food preparation, Safety and Fire inspectors or Diesel and Fleet maintenance. The R2002 model is...
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R2005 REED

Portable Gun thermometers (Laser Non-Contact)

Reed R2005 (was ST-8835) is a handheld Gun thermometer which facilitates temperature measurement from a distance without contact with the object to be...
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ST-8839 REED

Non-contact Laser Thermometer(Discontinued)

The ST-8839 model by Reed offers precise non-contact temperature measurement with a great temperature range, from -58.0 to 1832°F (-50.0 to 1000°C)(model...
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Laser Gun Thermometer (-50 to 200°C)

Buy this FS-200 Laser thermometer, specifically designed and calibrated to meet food service industry requirements. FS-200 comes with a user settable...
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R2100 REED

Thermal imaging camera

Meet the next generation of thermographic camera and start clearly reveal the energy loss or overheating of the mechanical and electrical equipment. The...
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R2020 REED

Infrared Video Thermometer & W/SD card Data Logger with dual laser targeting feature

Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with a great 50:1 optical resolution able provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature...
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R2050 REED

New Thermal IR Camera

Reed R2050 Thermal IR camera can read temperature differences far away from the objects that strongly radiate a higher temperature. The Thermal Imager...
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R2007 REED

Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer (50:1)

Dual lasers thermometer with target area identification and non-contact temperature measurements up 2012°F (1100°C)
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