Buy Reed air moisture meters from us. We are ready to sell dew point hygrometers, humidity tester for measuring humidity, wet bulb, dew point, air temperature plus external probe temperatures from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse. Our wide variety of digital thermo hygrometers manufactured by Reed will definitely make your relative humidity measurements more accurate, with fast response and accurate readings.

REED Hygrometers in Canada

8706 REED

Digital Portable Psychrometer

Buy this temperature humidity gauge from us. This Reed 8706 humidity tester measures humidity, wet bulb, dew point, air temperature plus external probe...
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8778 REED

Heat Stress Meter and Kit

This Heat Stress Meter (model REED 8778) is a great pocket size instrument when you need to supervise a heat stress test and measure the level of the heat...
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R6001 REED

Thermo-Hygrometer with Integral Probe

Buy this Reed R6001 (also known as C-315) digital thermo-hygrometer with integral probe that comes with great features such data hold and relative...
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R6030 REED

Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Datalogger

Buy this Reed thermohygrometer datalogger from us! R6030 (was ST-172)records up to 32700 ambient temperature and relative humidity readings that can be...
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SD-3007 REED

Thermo-hygrometer w/ type k thermocouple, data logger

Buy this SD-3007 thermo-hygrometer Datalogger able to made dew point and Wet bulb humidity measurements with Fast humidity measuring response time. No...
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R6020 REED

Temperature & Humidity USB Data Logger

With this R6020 (ST-171) Datalogger you can measure and record both ambient temperature and relative humidity. No wires are needed. Just plug the USB Data...
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SD-2010 REED

Heat Stress Meter and Datalogger

Avoid the emergency situations and carry less equipment with this Reed SD-2010 Heat Stress Meter. Buy this datalogger for quick and accurate environmental...
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8726 REED

Humidity temperature meter

This 8726 Humidity temperature meter designed as pocket size and battery operated is a perfect solution while measuring humidity (humidity Range: 0 to...
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