Our digital gas leak detectors manufactured by Reed are designed to meet unique gas detection needs while maintaining worker safety.

We sell professional combustible gas or leak detectors, also known as air quality detectors which detect the presence of various gases (combustible, refrigerant, carbon monoxide, flammable and toxic gases) even in hard-to-reach areas. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, our hand-held gas detectors are available a wide variety of models and are ready for sale from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse.

REED Gas Detectors in Canada


Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Discontinued)

This ergonomically designed Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (model CO-180) is able of finding carbon monoxide gas leaks with an accuracy of ±5% or ± 10 PPM....
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GD-3300 REED

Gas Leak Detector

Combustible Gas Leak Detector (Model GD-3300) with it Gooseneck probe and Sensor Tip Guard & Sensor (internal), offers you accurate detections of gas...
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SD-9901 REED

Air Quality Detector

Buy this SD-9901 Air Quality Detector manufactured by Reed, proved to be useful when you need a pocket size detector allows you to measure CO2, CO, O2,...
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GS-5800 REED

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

This strong and reliable leak detector by Reed Instruments locates leaks generated by pressure, vacuum, conduit, water, gas or air.
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Ultrasonic Transmitter for GS-5800

Designed to be used with GS-5800 Ultrasonic Leak Detector.
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R9200 REED

Digital Microwave Leakage Detector

Reed R9200 (was ST-2G) is capable of detecting very low levels of microwave leakage and display the values on a highly visible 5-digit LCD with...
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R9400 REED

Digital CO meter with temperature

This new Reed R9400 Digital Carbon Monoxide Meter comes with stabilized electrochemical CO specific sensor and thermistor temp sensor for temperature...
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R9900 REED

Indoor Air Quality Meter

Reed R9900 is the perfect home-inspector's CO2 Level Detector which simultaneously monitors carbon dioxide (0 to 5,000 ppm), relative humidity (0 to 99.9%...
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C-380 REED

Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector

Buy this portable refrigerant Leak Detector by Reed, a great refrigerant gas detection device for smallest leaks of refrigerant gases. Reed C-380 gas...
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C-383 REED

Handheld Gas Detector

These C-383 Handheld Gas Detector manufactured by Reed are successfully used to detect gasoline, propane, natural gas and fuel oil leaks in industrial or...
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