The distance meter is an instrument which emits a laser beam which projects a visible red spot on the target to measure the distance to target. Just point the distance meter perpendicularly to the surface and after 1 second the value will be shown on the unit display.

We sell distance meters manufactured by Reed from our Brampton (Toronto area) warehouse. Besides distance measurements these digital instruments are able to made area and volume calculations, indirect measurement using Pythagoras and tracking values (depending on Reed's model)

REED Distance Meters in Canada


Ultrasonic Distance Meter

DM-01 Ultrasonic Distance Meter instantly measures up to 16 m with even greater accuracy of ± 0.4 within 6 m (20 ft) and ± 0.8 above 6m while maintaining...
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R8001 REED

Laser Distance Meter (Discontinued)

Speed up the job with our Reed R8001 Laser Distance Meter. With its 635nm laser type, offers instant measurements up to 50 meters with greater accuracy....
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R8002 REED

Laser Distance Meter

This R8002 Laser Distance Meter (new 2015 model) was designed to be used in hard to access areas. R8002 can stores last 10 measurement results, and are...
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