We sell a wide variety of Reed digital thermometers in Canada, especially in Toronto Great Area. Spend less with our pocket-sized and technologically advanced thermometers commonly used in quality control and routine measurements. Our Reed thermometers provide an accurate way to quickly check the temperature and also made reliable temperature readings.

If you are looking for measuring the temperature of a moving object please see also the Reed Laser Thermometers category.

REED Digital Thermometers in Canada

C-370 REED

Digital Contact Thermometer (RTD)

This RTD thermometer has a platinum resistor temperature sensor that requires less temperature compensation than thermocouple units. It has 3 selectable...
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High Temperature Thermometer (Datalogger)

These pocket size thermometers (model SD-947) take precision high temperature measurements to a new level. Reed SD-947 datalogger shows 4 channels on the...
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Digital Type K Thermometer (-50/1300C)

ST-610B Digital Thermocouple Thermometer comes with a large measurement range, from -50°C to 1300°C .Compact and single input thermocouple thermometer...
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