We sell Handheld Digital Manometers, versatile, portable and battery operated pressure measuring devices. These instruments manufactured by Reed, depending on model are ideal for HVAC/R technicians measuring pressure, level, medical equipment, computer peripherals, pneumatic controls. The models are available in several basic ranges and comes with great features such MAX MIN pressure recorded, average records or differential pressure mode.

REED Digital Manometers in Canada

R3030 REED

Digital Manometers (30 PSI, pocket size)

This Reed R3030 (was 8230) Digital Manometer with range of 0 to 30 psi is ideal for pressure measurements with a great ±0.3% accuracy of full scale at...
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R3100 REED

100 PSI Pocket size digital manometer

Buy this Reed 82100 (R3100) manometer, a great pressure instrument that comes with modern features such selectable pressure units, data hold and max/min...
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R3001 REED

0.7 PSI Digital manometer (and anemometer)

Industrial manometer with anemometer functions (0.7 PSI/80 m/s) which display the differential pressure of the input zone with respect to the reference...
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R3002 REED

5.0 PSI Gauge & Differential Pressure Manometer

Our digital manometer is ideal for gauge & differential pressure applications. With its features and accessories this Reed handheld instrument measures ...
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