Our collection of decibel testers or digital sound level meters by Reed contain high quality low price test and measuring instruments able to provide fast and reliable sound level measurements.

Most of the Reed instruments are in stock at our warehouse located in Toronto Area, Canada. If you are looking for buy a decibel meter, noise monitoring equipment and calibrators, our sales department are ready to offer you a wide range of instruments designed to measure the level of sounds with high accuracy and precision.

REED Decibel Meters in Canada


Sound Level Meter Kit

This Noise Measurements Kit contains Low/high Range Sound Level Meter, 94dB and 114dB Sound Level calibrator and hard carrying case.
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C-322 REED

Noise Decibel Meter (Datalogging)

By using the Reed C-322 datalogging noise decibel meter allows you to measure and have control over sound measurements in windy weather or when measuring...
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R8090 REED

Sound Level Calibrator

This R8090 REED Sound level calibrator is a portable tool that can be commonly used to check, calibrates and verifies Sound Level Meters with 1/2”...
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SD-4023 REED

Precision Decibel Reader

With this precision SD-4023 decibel reader with Datalogging you can accurately measure environmental noise in accordance with IEC61672 Class 2 standard....
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SL-4022 REED

Decibel Level Meters (Discontinued)

The REED SL-4022 is a high-quality and extremely easy to use sound level meter. This is an IEC 61672 Class 1 Reed decibel meter with warning indicator for...
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Sound Level Adaptor

This Reed SL-417 Sound Level Adaptor works in cooperation with the SD-9300 Environment Meter to take professional sound level measurements. You can easily...
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R8080 REED

LAeq Data Logging Sound Level Meter

This NEW Reed R8080 sound level meter records up to 64,000 datapoints, has ±1.4 dB accuracy, 20 Hz to 8 kHz frequency range. Reed R8080 was designed for...
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Sound Level Data Logger (Discontinued)

This compact Data Logger with metal support comes with software CD, 1/2" electret condenser microphone and plugs directly into PC via integral USB port....
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R8050 REED

Sound Level Meter with Data Hold function

Buy this versatile Reed instrument model R8050 (was ST-805) with LCD display that performs the sound measurements according with IEC651 type 2, ANSI S1.4...
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R8060 REED

Sound Level Meter with digital bargraph

Featuring tripod mount design, the Reed R8060 meets IEC 61672-1 Class 2 requirements. The decibel meter has 60dB dynamic space in each range and features...
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8926 REED

Analog Decibel Testers

The REED 8926 Sound Level Meter is a decibel meter specially designed for single-hand operation, built-in with measuring functions such Fast or Slow...
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