These digital Ac/DC clamp meters or clamp on amp meter by Reed are able to made top class electrical measurement when you need to measure currents or amps without breaking a circuit and need the current keep passing through.

Our less-expensive clamp on meters are usually on stock, ready for shipment from our warehouse located in Toronto Area, Canada. If you still not find the most suitable clamp meters that meet your requirements, please contact our sales department today.

REED Clamp On Meters in Canada

ST-3347 REED

True RMS Clamp On Meter (discontinued)

A digital clamp on meter that can check AC or DC current up to 1000A, voltage up to 600V, resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature regardless of...
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ST-9809 REED

AC Leakage Current Clamp

This Reed ST-9809 AC leakage Clamp Meter allows clamping around an electrical conductor to measure the properties of the electric current in the conductor...
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R5020 REED

AC current, AC/DC voltage clamp meter with Data Hold

Reed R5020 AC Clamp Meter is a digital clamp on meter that can made Non-Contact AC Voltage Measurements up to 400A, voltage measuremements up to 600V,...
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R5050 REED

True RMS Clamp Meter

Get ready for non-contact current measurements with this electrical clamp meter. Reed R5050 comes with 3-3/4 digit LCD display with high-speed, and...
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R5030 REED

AC/DC Clamp Meter, 500A

Looking to buy a AC/DC Clamp Meter in Toronto? This Reed model R5030 is able to measure AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency,...
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R5060 REED

Digital Clamp Multimeter

This heavy duty auto-ranging True RMS clamp meter REED R5060 (was CM-9930) is capable of measuring AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance,...
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R5040 REED

True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with type K thermocouple probe

Useful instrument for noncontact current measurements, ready to made accurate...
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C-201 REED

AC/DC clamp meter (discontinued)

The Reed C-201 clamp meter has a AC/DC Current Range from 40A to 400A and offers more accurate readings of AC Voltage up to 600V. The user may hold the...
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Autoranging Clamp Multimeter (Discontinued)

This Reed ST-333 clamp on multimeter with 23mm opening jaw allows you making AC/DC Current Measurements, DC/AC Voltage Measurements, Resistance,...
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C-212 REED

True RMS Clamp Meter

We've got the perfect solution for True RMS measurements. With this Reed C-212 True RMS Clamp Meter, you can measure current up to 1000A and voltage up to...
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400A-600A Clamp Multimeter

Comprehensive clamp on multimeter manufactured by Reed designed to measure AC/DC voltage, DC currents, resistance as well as temperature. Reed ST-9800T...
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CM-9940 REED

Power Clamp Meter (discontinued)

REED CM-9940 clamp meter that measures both AC and DC current and voltage up to 600 V, plus temperature with a considerable accuracy and resolution.
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AC/DC Clamp Meter

The Reed ST-332 AC/DC Clamp Meter is a amp clamp instrument able to made current measurements with high accuracy and precision. It also measures...
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AC Clamp on Multimeter

These Reed ST-335 clamp-meters, also known as clamp-on amp meters, amp clamps, give users multimeter versatility, current measurement capabilities and...
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