Set up and perform calibrations tests with our portable instrument for calibrating process devices and start up measuring process signals using Reed voltage/current/temperature calibrators, loop or infrared temperature calibrators.  Available with multiple input/output ranges, our models can measure and source DC voltage, resistance, thermocouple and RTD temperature with fast response and high accurate results.

REED Calibrators in Canada


Infrared Temperature Calibrator

Use this REED BX-500 Infrared Temperature Calibrator for calibrating non-contact infrared thermometers up to 500°C (932°F). This BX-500 calibrator comes...
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R5820 REED

Loop Calibrator

This R5820 (was VC05) loop calibrator is an indispensable intrument manufactured by Reed for loop testing. Whith its intuitive user interface this...
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Voltage and current simulator

These battery operated Reed Voltage/mA source (model VC04) with automatic calibration function, are able to generate current and voltage test in an...
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R8800 REED

Voltage/Current Calibrator

This Reed Current-Voltage Calibrator simulates a transducer or measure the current flow in a transducer loop. Reed R8800 can works in the source mode,...
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R8801 REED

Reed Voltage/Current Calibrator

This precision Reed Current/Voltage Calibrator measures current loop signals and voltage output process signals with great accuracy. Reed R8801 can be...
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R2800 REED

Temperature Simulator

This Temperature Simulator is capable of generating and converting an electrical signal to simulate temperatures for 8 different types of thermocouples...
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R2810 REED

Thermocouple Calibrator

This Thermocouple Calibrator is capable of sourcing and measuring 8 different types of thermocouples.
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Voltage/Current Calibrator (Discontinued)

Buy this portable Reed CC-421 calibrator to perform calibrations of process devices or measuring process signals. Thanks to its sampling time (Approx. 0.4...
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R2800 REED

(Discontinued) Digital calibrator

Use this R2800 Temperature Calibrator (was VC01) to set up and perform calibrations of thermocouples. Designed with a large 6-digit LCD display, Reed VC01...
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Portable Temperature Calibrator (Discontinued)

Buy this VC14+ temperature calibrator manufactured by Reed and measure and source DC voltage, resistance, thermocouple and RTD temperature with a single...
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Voltage/current/pressure calibrator (discontinued)

This VC15+ Reed calibrator is a handheld instrument with multiple input/output ranges for both DC voltage and current. Features such measuring pressure,...
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Handheld Process Calibrator (discontinued)

Reed Handheld Process Calibrator (VC25 model) is a process calibrator that measures and sources electrical (DC voltage and curent) and physical...
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Temperature Calibrators (discontinued)

Save benchtop space with this Reed BX-150 value oriented temperature calibrator.BX-500 comes with an incorporating heater and a precision platinum RTD...
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R8802 REED

Thermocouple Calibrators (discontinued)

These Reed R8802 Thermocouple Calibrators (discontiuned) measure temperature from TC output and are able to simulate TC output. The R8802 can calibrates...
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