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Rotating Vane Anemometer (discontinued)

Reed ABH-4225 Rotating Vane Anemometer, a Pocket Sized handheld wind speed meter gives you an easy way to measure air velocity, air pressure, temperature and humidity with high accuracy and fast response.

Accredited calibration/NIST traceable calibration certificate for REED ABH-4225 Rotating Vane Anemometer (discontinued) might be available on request (for an extra charge). Please contact us for more info.

REED Rotating Vane Anemometer (discontinued): instrument description

Please note: this is a discontinued model, information shown here is for reference only. We reccomend you to see the REED 8906 Thermo-Anemometer.

This 4 in one Reed ABH-4225 environmental quality monitor is a versatile instrument for measuring, monitoring and recording wind speed, air humidity and temperature or atmospheric pressure, with high accuracy results. These pocket size anemometers are small in size, extremely accurate and very easy to use.

REED ABH-4225 Features

  • Anemometer, Barometer, Humidity, Temperature meter, 4 in one, professional.
  • Anemometer unit : m/S, Km/h, FPM, mph, Knot.
  • Barometer unit : hPa, mmHg, inHg.
  • Humidity with Dew point measurement
  • Temperature measurement with ℃, ℉ unit.
  • Vane anemometer, available for wind speed measurement, high reliability.
  • Fast response time for humidity measurement.
  • Atmosphere measurement with high accuracy.
  • Two display can select the six mode (function): Humidity/Temp., Humidity/Dew point, Anemometer/Temp., Barometer/Temp.
    Barometer/Humidity, Barometer/Anemometer
  • Bright LCD display.
  • Microprocessor circuit ensures high accuracy and provides special functions and features.
  • Records Maximum and Minimum readings with recall.
  • Auto power off saves battery life.
  • Operates from DC 1.5V ( UM4/AAA ) x 4 PCs batteries.
  • Low-friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high and low velocities.
  • Durable, long-lasting components, enclosed in strong, compact ABS-plastic housing.

REED ABH-4225 Specifications

  • Air Velocity Range: 0.4 to 30.0 m/s, ft/min, km/h, mph, knots
  • Display LCD size : 28 mm x 19 mm.
    Anemometer Unit: m/S (meters per second), Km/h ( kilometers per hour ), FPM ( feet per minute )
    mph ( miles per hour ), Knot ( nautical miles per hour )
  • Temp. unit ℃, ℉
  • Barometer unit :hPa, mmHg, inHg.
  • Humidity unit %RH
  • Dew point ℃, ℉
  • Circui:t Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit.
  • Anemometer Sensor: Van probe with low friction ball bearing design.
  • Barometer Sensor: Somiconductor
  • Humidity Sensor: Capacitance humidity sensor, semiconductor
  • Temperature Sensor: Semiconductor
  • Data Hold: Freeze the display reading.
  • Memory Recall: Maximum & Minimum value.
  • Sampling Time: Approx. 1 second.
  • Power off: Auto shut off saves battery life or manual off ( REC function ).
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 ℃
  • Operating Humidity: Less than 80% R.H.

How to use Rotating Vane Anemometer (ABH-4225)

This 4 in one Reed ABH-4225 environmental quality monitor can select 6 kind mode (function) as : Humidity/Temp, Humidity/Dew point, Anemometer/Temp., Barometer/Temp., Barometer/Humidity, Barometer/Anemometer. After the unit is selected, it will be memorized into the memory circuit. If power off and on again will present the existing selection unit. To select the desired function just turn on the meter by pressing the "Power Button" and for the above 4-1 mode select the desired function.

Data Hold
During the measurements, press the "Hold Button" to hold the measured value. The LCD will show a " HOLD " symbol. Press the "Hold Button" once again to release the data hold function.

Data Record ( Max., Min. reading )
This portable instrument enable you to made data recors during the measurements. The data record function records the maximum and minimum readings. Simply press the "REC Button" to activate this function.

Ordering info

As a canadian distributor of REED Instruments products we stock most of these Air velocity meters for same day shipping. To enquire on the REED ABH-4225 Rotating Vane Anemometer (discontinued) availability and current list price please contact us.


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