Our Reed online catalog presents a complete collection of hand held air velocity meters, portable tools for measuring or monitoring air speed or air velocity with fast and precise results. If you are looking to buy one hand held air velocity meter in Canada, please contact us. We are ready to find the best air velocity meter for you!

REED Air velocity meters in Canada


Compact Wind Anemometer

Reed LM-81AM is a digital and compact wind anemometer that provides precise wind speed readings. Data record function is available for this instrument as...
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8906 REED

Vane Anemometer

These Reed 8906 Thermo anemometers with integral rotary vane sensor are the preferred choice of professionals for testing and measuring temperature and...
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SD-4207 REED

Thermo-Anemometer (Datalogger)

Simple to operate Reed SD-4207 hand held wind anemometer that ensure high accuracy speed measurements in high & low velocities. This anemometer is great...
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SD-4214 REED

Thermo anemometer data logger

This thermo-anemometer provides precise measurements of air velocity and temperature. Both measurements are displayed on easy to read LCD display with...
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Thermo Anemometer with mini-vane (Discontinued)

Hand held air velocity meter with metal vane probe that provides two measurements in one: air velocity and temperature. Use this portable Reed YK-80AM...
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Anemometer/Thermometer (Discontinued)

This Reed YK-80AS mini vane anemometer is a pocked size tool that use a conventional twisted van arm and low friction ball bearing design for air velocity...
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Rotating Vane Anemometer (discontinued)

Reed ABH-4225 Rotating Vane Anemometer, a Pocket Sized handheld wind speed meter gives you an easy way to measure air velocity, air pressure, temperature...
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